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Below you will find answers to the questions most frequently asked about Jaime. If you do not find the answer to your question, send us a message at:

What is Jaime?

Jaime is the App that allows you to easily access an expert driver and monitor the service through your mobile device. You can download it for free in Google Play or in the Apple App Store.

How does it work?

Jaime works through the geolocation of your mobile device. When you request a service with the Jaime App, the system locates the closest driver to you. You could see on the screen the driver’s information, vehicle, plate number and the estimated time of arrival (ETA). If you wish to contact the driver directly for service details you can do so via "Call" or "Text". You will have up to 4 minutes of courtesy to cancel the service, otherwise you will be charged to your account.

Is Jaime safe to use?

Of course!  Jaime’s professional drivers comply with the strictest standards and all government regulations.  Also, for your tranquility before pick up, Jaime App allows you to see on your phone screen who is the driver, the vehicle and the plate number.

In which cities is Jaime available?

Jaime is available in Ponce and the Metro Area in Puerto Rico.

Are Jaime’s drivers regulated? 

Yes! Jaime works only with licensed drivers with vehicles authorized and regulated by the Government of Puerto Rico. Our drivers abide by the strictest standards of safety such as: criminal records, proof of controlled substances, and regular inspections.

How can I redeem a Promo Code?

To redeem your Promo Code enter it before you request the trip. The discount will be applied when you complete the ride. Each Promo Code can be used only once. The Promo Code is granted by Jaime’s partner companies. Alert for discounts!

What are Jaime’s payment options?

Jaime accepts all major credit cards. It does not accept cash payments. Before you request a trip, enter your card information by pressing the button of "Payment". You can register more than one card and easily decide which one to use in each service. 

Do I need to tip my Jaime driver? 

It is not necessary to tip, but you can do so if you want to show your satisfaction.

What are the rates?

Jaime rates will depend on the distance of the journey and time. They are based on the fees established by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company and the Puerto Rico Public Service Commission.

Can I view my payment history?

Of course! In the "history of journeys" you can review all your transactions carried out.

Can I stop a Jaime driver on the street and pay for it with the App?

No. You need to request the service through the Jaime App.

What personal information do I need to provide?

To create your account and receive our service you need to give us your full name, phone number, email address and your credit card information.

How does Jaime use my personal information?

Jaime has top security certifications and its data is channeled by Evertec, Inc.

The information petitioned is strictly to provide you the service. Drivers are only allowed to contact customers to get directions and inform the client when they are arriving. Your credit card information is encrypted, which means that no one has access to it.

How can I report an incident?

If you have any type of situation during your trip you may report it in the space provided to describe the service. In “Trip report” write us what happened. This information will be reviewed by the responsible supervisor.

In case of any major incident send us a message immediately to:

We work to offer you an excellent service!

Can I cancel the service?

After requesting the service, you have up to 4 minutes to cancel it free of charge.


Below you will find answers to the questions we get asked the most about Jaime. If you do not find it here send us a message to:

Who is Jaime?

Jaime is the free App that multiplies your income, offers you the convenience of being directly contacted via mobile by the clients, and gives you the technology that you need to be able to accept credit cards and reach new consumers. 

Now the hours of waiting for a service are behind you. With Jaime you can distribute your time better and increase clients.

Jaime sets a new era in the transportation service. Join us today and make more money!

Which operating system do I need to download the Jaime App?

Jaime is compatible with iPhone and Android.

Where is the Jaime service available?

Jaime is available in Ponce and the Metro Area in Puerto Rico.

What is the membership cost?

Jaime’s membership is free.

What are the membership requirements?

All Jaime drivers should meet the following requirements: have taxi license, clear criminal record verified in a background check, provide evidence of not being a sex offender, pass doping tests, comply with all the requirements of the Government of Puerto Rico and of the Puerto Rico Committee on Public Transportation. In addition, must offer evidence that their vehicles meet all safety inspections required by law to carry passengers.

How do I configure the App?

Easy! Download the App in the Apple App Store or Google Play and register by entering the prompted data. Important, always turn on at “Settings” your Wi-Fi location.

How are the customers distributed?

Jaime App will identify the driver nearest to the client. When you receive a request you have 15 seconds to accept or reject it. If you don’t accept it, the App will identify the next driver nearest to the client. Important, only accepts the service if you are available.

If I close the App, do I lose client requests?

Your App must be "On duty" to accept service requests. Remember that during booking the Jaime App also must remain open. Closing the application or being "Off duty" is equal to losing customers. It is recommended that you place it in that mode when you have completed your workday.

How to cancel a service?

Once the request is received, it is obligatory to carry out the service. You can only cancel it by one major situation such as an accident or medical emergency. In that case, you must inform immediately to the client so that he/she may request another driver.  Ask the client to excuse you in order for him/her to feel that is a valued costumer. Unjustified cancellations may result in your exclusion as a driver in Jaime. 

What do I do if I cannot find the passenger?

To prevent this from happening you must:

  1. Text the customer to inform that you are on the road and give an estimated time of arrival (ETA). 
  2. Three minutes before arrival you must call to inform that you are arriving, describe your vehicle and provide your carriage number so he/she can identify you. Remember to confirm the place for pick up. 
  3. If you arrive in the established place and cannot find your passenger, call him. If there is no answer, wait 3 minutes and call again. If there is still no answer, then you may cancel the service. The customer who does not report the cancellation during the period of time provided may be charged with a cancellation fee. 

When do I get paid?

Jaime pays weekly via direct deposit to your account. All the services that you make from Monday to Sunday will be paid the following Friday.

If I cancel a service do I have to pay any cancellation fee?

If you cancel the service under the established parameters you will not be charged with any cancellation fee. Remember to fill in the provided section to write a "trip report” with the reasons for the service cancellation.

Do I keep a record of the services provided?

Yes. Look for "Trip history” in the menu to have access to all trips that you've done and  know what you have earned. 

Can I use the passenger data?

NO!  The passenger’s phone number is only available in the App during the service period. During this time you are authorized to contact him. Any contact outside the period of time given or trying to sell your transportation services outside the App will be valid reason to be expelled from Jaime.

How to update the App?

Check for updates regularly, so you'll benefit the most of the Jaime App. To update for iPhone enter the Apple App Store with your password and for Android mark the option "updates automatic". You should be aware of your e-mail for important notifications and new updates.

What do I do if the GPS is not working?

Be sure to turn on the "Settings" location and wireless connections or Wi-Fi. The extent of GPS coverage can vary according to the place and your data connection. If is not running, you should "restart/reset” your mobile.

What do I do if I have an incident with a customer?

You should press "Complete service" and qualify the passenger in the space provided to write a "trip report”. There you can describe any incident during the trip. This information will be reviewed by the responsible supervisor.

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